Why Green Tape?

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Select suppliers based on specific evaluation criteria for goods and services. Criteria could include industry star ratings, ESG and other criteria defined by the business.

The ability to formalize your company’s procurement process with appropriate approvals for purchase orders, spending guidelines and caps, the ability to efficiently short list and evaluate multiple bids against pre-defined criteria using the supplier-buyer matching engine.

Green Tape provides transparency. It provides an audit trail of every step for periodic and comprehensive audits, digital requisitions and management approval via the platform, and the ability to perform real time budgeting and reporting which delivers both tactical and strategic insights on procurement spend and market data.

Rapid deployment and minimum infrastructure needs. As a cloud-based platform, Green Tape does not require hardware and software installation, and therefore, enables seamless rapid deployment with no infrastructure investment needed.

For individual companies under one umbrella corporation buying the same product from different suppliers at different prices, Green Tape enables central procurement which facilitates a consistent procurement process and standards across each company and provides individual companies under one umbrella the ability to utilise their full buying power to procure value for money goods and services.

Customer defined approval workflow and governance: Platform configuration is based on each company’s requirements rather than a one-size-fits-all complex system that could be cumbersome and difficult to use.

Green Tape’s managed services offering complements our procurement platform. We partner with companies to design a procurement services package that meets their requirements so companies can focus more on their core business and leverage the expertise of our procurement experts by augmenting current procurement resources or outsourcing the entire procurement function.