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Welcome to Affno Virtual Market, where our global headquarters in Singapore collaborates seamlessly with our dynamic development center in Sri Lanka to redefine eProcurement. Explore exciting career opportunities with us and be part of a team shaping the future of digital procurement on a global scale.

Why Affno Virtual Market?

Global Innovation Hub: Thrive in our international organization with a vibrant corporate and sales hub in Singapore and an innovative development center in Sri Lanka.

Dynamic Collaboration: Experience the power of collaboration across borders, whether driving sales strategies in Singapore or contributing to software development in Sri Lanka.

Professional Growth: Advance your career in eProcurement technology with resources and support, whether engaging clients across our international markets or leading projects in Sri Lanka.

Impactful Solutions: Contribute to the global impact of our eProcurement solutions, catering to diverse business needs worldwide.

Current Openings

We currently don’t have any openings. Watch this space for opportunities that will be coming up.